iBLOPPER - IOT Fermentation logger
Brew Name: RE-use NEIPA hops for Light Zombie Dust Clone
Brew Size, L: 23
OG: 1058
Polynominal: 0.01044430

No of records for this Brew : 2781

The Ogrinal Gravity was 1058 and based on the Sum Blops = 81328 and Brew Size, L = 23.0, this brew hold a Sum Blops/L = 3536. Based on the scaling factor (Polynomial 0.01044430 ) for your equipment (airtightness, headspace, fermenter type, airlock + waterlevel) this brew hold a reduction in gravity (rG) of 36.9 and hence curretly a Gravity of 1021.1. Based on above data the ABV is: 4.8 %, and the Apparant Attenuation is: 63.7 %.